Rampant Racism — 9 Comments

  1. So I may no longer describe my SAD as my black dog ?

    We are doomed as a species. And i saw further proof of our impending doom over at the Daily ExceSS today….which, I hasten to add, I only look at to read the comments from the frothy mouthed brexSShiteurs…their tears,squeals and whining do cheer me up so…Schadenfreude. I saw a headline proclaiming that University lecturers should no longer use CAPS as that could upset the delicate little snow flakes that call themselves students these days (‘Students’? Pah! Not one of them would be able to spend all night partying, drinking and taking drugs and still hand in an essay on time- a  hand written essay I might add…try writing with The Shakes after a solid week of wall2wall drinking sometime yous millenial powder puffs!).


    • Enjoy your faux status of sovereignty under May’s ‘ deal ‘. I live in France, at least when we vote we get what we believe we wanted. The Shadenfreude will be on the remainers who think this new deal will give them what the U.K. once had. Laugh? I’ll sh*t the bed…………..

      • remainers who think this new deal will give them what the U.K. once had

        I doubt any remainer thinks May’s deal will do that. Hell, I’m on record as saying that given a choice between May’s deal and a car crash brexSShite/No deal , I’d go for the No Deal.

  2. But surely Americano could be construed as offensive to Latinos? Let us be reasonable and ask for a tall nigger.

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