Beautiful bureaucracy — 15 Comments

    • Not really.  It would give me access to a range of other services such as Maternity Benefits [you never know? There’s life in the old dog yet!] or job applications [if I run short of readies..].

  1. If there is a rebate you don’t need to jump through so many hoops. This is just to get the gullible to register.

    Haven’t you noticed yet that government sites that take money are piss easy to use. Government sites that don’t take money are designed by government to be as awkward as possible and ask for everything.

    • Of course I have noticed.  It’s one of my little pleasures in life thwarting them using persistence.

  2. <i>”This brought me to a page with just one simple message – “Please drop into your local office to have your mobile phone verified“. “</i>

    Won’t get adopted in the UK, since Gordon Brown’s Frankenstein’s Monster the HMRC closed all their customer-facing offices!

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