Luscious lashes — 15 Comments

  1. I have been using drops for about two years and was told that too. However I am still waiting for my long eyelashes! I have had to change drops a few times and am waiting for my next check up to see if the latest two are working. I had the one you have but that was changed last month.

    • Is my one the only one that causes the lashes?  I have another visit to the hospital next month.  Something to look forward to.  🙁

      • All the ones i

        have had say that eyelashes growing is a common side effect but it’s never happened to me sadly. I was looking forward to that.

  2. I’ve also been using drops for over a year now due to my “crappy” eyeball arteries (well, that’s what the guy said). The only thing that’s happened involving body hair is that my receding hairline seems to have receded even further. I figure in another year my hairline will recede to the point where my pony tail falls off.

  3. Expects to see Grandad with a chinese menu in his hand walking the streets of Ballyballsack in the rain, looking for the place called Lee Ho Fuck’s….

  4. I’m on the drops; only it’s a huge box with 30 individual doses. I use one a day, take one drop in the eyeball and throw the rest away. I counted 15 drops left in the dropper that I dumped. A huge waste. And yes, I have one bushy lashed eye with a darker iris.

  5. Welcome back from the limbo you had apparently been exiled to.

    Or was it just me who got the error messages.

    To be honest, I could still reach you via the Margin Scribblerus site.

    Always worth it, thanks.

    • The damned site was up and down like the previously posted Whore’s Knickers.  Very frustrating at this end until I finally found what appears to be the problem – that yoke that gave the links to Farcebook, Twitter and the like under each post.  Reaching here via another site was just fortunate [?] coincidence.

  6. For a moment, I thought “luscious lashes” would be a sequel to “whore’s knickers!” It was a relief to read what followed!

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