Whore’s knickers — 6 Comments

  1. Ah, Gutenberg!

    First you take a block of wood and cut your type into it, then you ink the typeface, then apply it with smooth and even pressure to your screen. Having done that, you take the next block . . .

    • WordPress indeed.  You can actually try out Gutenberg now, if you go into your admin screen -> choose your site and then scroll down to the very bottom of the left sidebar to WP-Admin.

  2. Strange, every time I bang into your site it’s always there and plenty responsive.

    And for those on their own WP install there’s always the “Classic Editor” plugin to give you back the traditional editor when WordPress 5.0 rolls around  us as well.

    • It transpires that I had a plugin that was tying itself in knots.  What is strange is that I have the same plugin on another site that works perfectly.  I thought computers were supposed to be logical and not emotional?  Just because it disliked this site……….?

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