Old dogs and old tricks — 6 Comments

  1. A ceramic inners taps. No more drips. One could always do as I did and peruse the local skips to find perfect yet cast aside splined levers on perfect yet cast aside sinks and use them, no cello required.
    Or one could remove said tap levers and pulling out one’s trusty ‘mover’ or gland pliers or stilsons, remove the entire cartridge from cast aside taps. Best get both hot and cold though cos Sod’s Law is real.
    Or just take the entire mixer tap and play with it at home.

    • I hadn’t thought of skips, but there again living out in the wilds, there aren’t that many skips around. It’s strange because there seems to be a constant stream of skip lorries clanking their way up and down the road.

    • I don’t care if it only lasts eighteen weeks.  Sellotape is cheap and I have loads of it.

  2. Had a similar problem. Fixed with aluminium foil and 2 part adhesive. Problem was with ceramic tap caused initially by grit in mains, stirred up by mains pressure/flow test for Fire Service.

    But problem exacerbated by heavy hands. Which raises the question of when is a tap “off”?

    When the water stops flowing, or when you can not turn it any more?

    People with the latter belief are not good for ceramic taps.

    • Mains pressure?  Hah!  I don’t have that.  If the tank on the roof was a few feet higher the water wouldn’t reach it.

      Maybe I was a little heavy handed with the taps – I liked to imagine I was pulling a pint.

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