Dying for a selfie — 7 Comments

  1. 259 worldwide= 1 per about 27 million people.
    I am surprised the figure is that low, as, there are a lot of really stupid people out there.

    • That purely is the number of known “selfies”.  The figure is probably higher, but if you include all those who walk in front of a bus, send text messages while driving or read their essentail friends’ Farcebook updates behind the wheel then the figure would be massive by comparison.

  2. Here in New Zealand, we get infestations of tourists at all the popular places. I have noticed that most of the asian ones ,that is the Chinese and Japanese get to a place, turn their back to the attraction and stand with their phone held up in the air to take a selfie. I recently took a visitor from the UK to see the Moeraki Boulders and we arrived just after a small coach load of chinese. The chinese spent all of 10 minutes climbing all over the boulders which incidentally are special to the local Maori, taking selfies and then disappeared back to their coach to continue their selfie tour.We then had the place to ourselves to enjoy.

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