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  1. My brother is in his seventies and he drinks 7 pints of lager a
    day six days a week,He cycles too the pub six miles there and back ,Everyone is amazed by him but he says its just practise!

    • A task like that certainly requires regular and sustained practise.  Fair play.  Where’s me bike?

  2. “All people in Public Health should be deported to Rockall.”
    Whilst agreeing with the sentiment I’ve been trying to push Rockall for the past year as the destination for the jihadis that we’re not allowed to deport.
    Going to get rather crowded but if like me you’ve no objection to a few (hundred) dropping into the sea I’m sure that we can come to some accomodation as to sharing .

    • Why shoud I worry about overcrowding?  That’s their problem.  Anyway I’m sure the jihadis will find an elegant solution?

  3. Years ago, I had a todoo with the nurse at the surgery. I refused a flu vaccination. She asked why would I not have one. I said, that when we arrived in the UK in 1998, the death rate statistic from flu in old people in the winter was 10%. Tony Blair introduced vaccination just as we arrived. I told her that ten years later the death rate statistic from flu in old people in the winter was still 10%. She said “Isn’t that WONDERFUL? There are so many more people now!” She was also the Doctor’s wife…

    I have never had a flu jab. Are the death rate statistics from flu in old people in the winter still 10%? I don’t know

    • This year’s jab was very much against my better judgement.  The only reason I acquiesced was because of my princliple of grabbing every freebie going.  I regret that now.

      And you know well that statistics represent the faith of the statistician and little else.

  4. To avoid flu you don’t need a vaccine, just keep away from children – ankle-biters are the preferred transmission-mechanism of most infections so, if you avoid proximity with any brats, you stay safe from contamination. Old folk die from flu simply because they fawn over grand-kids (or great-grandkids) – let the kids’ parents take the risk, stay clear of all kids and stay clear of flu.

    The flu vaccine is like statins, it’s the medics’ popular bonus-earner from Big Pharma – it’s ‘percentage prescribing’, where the small number who benefit are far outweighed by the majority who don’t or who suffer side-effects, only some of which ever get attributed to the unnecessary drug-intake. In fact, keep clear of any medics if at all possible – once they’ve got hold of you, they’ll never let you go.

    • How very true,only last week I was told that I should have statins as they decrease my risk of a heart attack from 16% to 12%, according to some computer programme or other. I will take my chance with genetics I think. 

  5. Do these people never get out among those who do seriously hard physical work with consequent relatively high wages?
    They “binge drink” between 18:00 and 18:30, and again between 18:30 and 19:00, and for every subsequent 30 minutes. Then about 21:30 they cut back to half pints, but with triple whisky/whiskey chasers.
    And that’s just the ladies.
    I have a theory that regular ethyl alcohol consumption kills all harmful bugs and stops tooth decay.
    I am still trying to prove this hypothesis. I have been working on it for the last 59 years but need a few more years before having conclusive proof.

  6. More and more I think Ol’St.Paul was right (1 Cor.8+): If you think a food is ‘evil’ and will harm you then it probably will….

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