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  1. People are meeting up on Frank Davis’ Smoky Drinky Bar. Some of us have also met up in real life for a coffee / beer or two / twelve

    • Wasn’t I in on the start of the Smokey Drinkey!  Frank, Nisakiman and myself spoke a few times there while Frank was setting it up.  It tends to be an evening thing though and I am rarely in a position to log in then.

      The problem for me is that most of my readers [two thirds] are in the UK whereas only one in twenty are from Ireland.  The problem is compounded by my lack of mobility so I am more or less confined to the Wicklow area.  No one around here wants to know me.

      • Yeah, it is pretty much an evening thing, particularly weekends when we’re all pissed
        I can’t imagine a time when I would be in Wicklow, but if it happens, I’ll buy you a coffee

  2. Couldn’t you have left a trail of crumbs or taken a spool of thread to find your way out of the Beacon? It works in story books!

  3. Once upon a time, in another life entirely, while working at an Aerospace company, a new hire came into the office. He looked my way and said, “Hey Kirk! Long time no see!” I responded, “Hey Bill! Good to see you! What the hell are you doing here?”and so on and so forth. We ended up working together for over two years before I left the company and in all that time Bill and I could never figure out where we actually knew each from except that we knew each other pretty well…wherever it was. To this day I still can’t figure out why or where I knew the guy in the first place.

    And next time you go to the Beacon Clinic just take a couple of cans of spray paint to mark your way. That should take care of things nicely.

    • A less permanent trick would be to go with a pad of Post-it notes, each bearing the pre-printed message “Do Not Remove”, depositing these at all key points along the way.  Most brain-dead, box-ticking clinic staff would not dream of disregarding such a bold instruction, so the notes will still be there for the return journey – indeed, they may still be there six months later for any follow-up visit.

      • Better than paint I suppose and less of a chance to get in trouble? Yup, better suggestion. He just has to look official when he does it. Probably carry a clipboard with a few papers clipped to it just for look of the thing.

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