Transgender gone wrong — 14 Comments

    • Perfectly timed for Halloween [or Guy Fawkes]?  The kids will be smoking 80 a day in anticipation.

  1. I’d been meaning to scan this and send it to you! The previous image for the impotence slogan was a man, naked upper torso, looking down at something just out of frame. Clearly, it was far too subtle. The current version is hilarious.

  2. If smoking causes impotence, how come all the children I knew when growing up had fathers who smoked. My own father smoked heavily and still managed to sire 4.

  3. Well it’s obvious isn’t it? That’s why, in the older movies, the couple smoked after sex and not before.

    They’ll say anything won’t they? Next, I suppose, they’ll state that smoking causis tyops in commetns.

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