On being a Necrophiliac — 14 Comments

  1. No no! You have it wrong. Prince Charming (cis white male) fiddled with Cinderella’s feet to try on the glass slipper. The kiss came from a cis white male chauvanist pig who kissed Sleeping Beauty on the lips to awaken her without her consent, so it might have been a sexual assault? I think roMANce is over….

    • Were the slippers glass so His Lowness could see the reflection of her knickers?  And I thought all cis white male chauvanist pigs in fairy tales were princes?  I’m not very au fait with fairytales, apart from those but out by anti-smokers and warble gloamists.


      • At the risk of sounding like a panto-anorak, the legendary slippers never were glass.
        It’s a mis-translation from the original French text, in which they were referred to as ‘de vers’ (of squirrel-fur), but in speech this sounds identical to the phrase ‘de verre’, meaning ‘of glass’ – hence the confusion when it was first converted from a verbal reference, but no-one ever got round to correcting it.
        (Just to make it worse, the word ‘verre’ usually relates to glass in the form of a drinking-vessel, a tumbler etc – plain glass would usually be described using ‘vitrine’ – but you can’t really expect someone who confuses squirrel-fur to know any better).

      • The slippers were never glass, but in French were “de ver”. This was not a mistranslation but was in fact the brothers Grimm self-censoring.

        A prince going round the village trying out the “fur slippers” of the village women to find one the correct size? No, no, can’t be writing that, let’s make up something about glass instead!

    • The Disneyfied version of Sleeping Beauty is the only one most folk know – I recommend checking out the original, unsanitised storyline – then the ‘mentrual militia’ would have something to chirp about.   She certainly didn’t consent.

  2. I read all the links (I had already read about the Kiera Knightly one previously) and I’d comment on this issue but I doubt anyone of the PC/radical feminist/snowflake persuasion would like it very much and I certainly do not wish to turn your comment section into a potential battlefield. Besides, you know me fairly well and you might imagine what I’d write.

    I did have to look up the definition of “risible” though.

        • Okay, you two. Unfortunately, life has kept me away from the ‘puter for the last few days so now I’ll have to read the post all over again inclduing the 3 linkages just to get all riled up once more. Not tomorrow though since the wife and I have to go to the bank to see about a house.
          Why is it that the older you get life seems to interfere more and more in your (much desired) quiet life style?

  3. What? You mean you missed out on all those speech defect sketches in ‘The Life of Brian’? Both funny and vocabulary expanding. you can’t beat that, even if they are non PC. 😉

    • Welease Wodga?  Brilliant.  A film I have seen several times and crack up each time.  In fact, time to watch it again…..

  4. Why are replies I made to comments that ended up in my mailbox, not showing here? What am I doing wrong?

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