Bill Gates causing chaos — 6 Comments

  1. “…which was a blessing as Herself gets very twitchy if she doesn’t get her daily dose of Judge Judy.”

    Good thing nobody was clapping then?

  2. A shuttle bus service to the Manor would address the problems and give scope for generating income from tourists.

    • There’s nowhere for the bus to turn around.  I suppose I could sacrifice the front garden for a car park?  But then I would have to build public toilets and an “interpretative centre”.  Everywhere has to have one of the latter, apparenty.

  3. When I saw the post title I thought you were referring to the latest Windows 10 update, which is wiping some peoples “Documents” folders!

    As for gates installers named Bill – I had a larf yesterday evening when watching an episode of the documentary series “Paddington Station 24/7” which featured heavily on the dedicated police department. One of them was a certain PCSO “Al Gore”

    • You can blame the post title squarely at the feet of my so called “smart” phone and its predictive text.  I think the best name I ever came across was an ex-colleague – W Anker?

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