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  1. So booing and hurling cans of lager is still ok then ? Mind you I can’t think most speeches at Uni would require anyone to JAZZ HANDS….all the good speakers have been long since ‘no platformed’ by the SStudent Union here.

  2. HAH! ‘John’ over on Longrider commented on this very topic: “Of course the only problem with “jazz hands” is that it is not only racist (as it comics 1930s ragtime dancers for whom it was a signature move) but it also cultural appropriation of same.

    Oh dear…”

    • What I think they mean is the standard way of applauding if one is deaf – raised arms and twirly hand rotations.  It’s similar but not quite the same as “jazz hands”.

    • To use one of Herself’s favourite expressions – what she needs is a pint of Guinness, an old time waltz and a good ride.  My Missus is full of sage advice.

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  4. Best not get in the way of such nonsense. Just sit back with a pipe and chortle are the stupididty some folk are more than willing to exhibit in public.

  5. At FFS nor are!
    Sorry old chap, aplogies, youthfully challenged male gender identifying person of the Irish persuasion.
    Slitaz Tazweb browser is brilliant for most things but it refuses to load your most excellent sites edit button.

  6. We truly are doomed with idiocy of this grade making it mainstream. But of course one has to remember that these people running students unions are hard core left wing activists just like when I was at uni 45 years ago. Normal students ignore them until they get too extremist and then they get booted out. They return of course as most are on courses light on lectures and tutorials and they are not reading science so no practical work either. They have the time to waste on childish politics. Those of us with 09.00-17.30 lectures and practicals did not have the time nor the inclination to indulge in the mental masturbation that passes for student political debate. When we had spare time, after 21.00, we were down the pub with 4 or 5 pints lined up. Happy days.

    • when I was a student, the only time we came up with that type of suggestion was during Rag Week.  Happy days indeed.

  7. For some unknown reason I doubt that this will catch on at all–then again, you never know. Glad I’m old. (wanders off to attend a local theater production so he can clap at all the appropriate moments).

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