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    • Pro Bono Publico originally meant For the Good of your Local Publican.  Now it just refers to those who won’t pay..

  1. Ah, so that’s where the problem lies. Every morning, I have a routine, I get up, do the usual dressing, coughing, belching and farting, then I sit down and open up my morning internetty reads. Usually, it takes until at least the Mrs sorts breakfast out to go through everything. Recently however, I have been left sitting here, with nothing left to read, and twiddling my thumbs well before breakfast, and blaming it on the lack of people posting interesting stuff, or any stuff at all. But its you GD, with all that damn fiddling. You keep shaving seconds off my morning and I am gonna have to reset my alarm to take account of it, can you see the problems you are causing us ordinary poor puter illiterates out here. Don`t make me have to report you to the internet police because you have broken my morning, maliciously.

  2. Thank you Gran’pa.
    Your Rambles is good, edukashional and humorous.
    And Scriblerus is a bunch of similar ilk.
    It is all much appreciated.
    What is the story with the Seaham Scribbler?

    • Shit! Fuck! Bugger!  How the hell did I miss that?

      The Seaham Scribller is once again up there in the clouds of glory.

      Thanks for pointing out that little gaffe.

  3. I was rooting through a drawer the other day and found my old modem. Having read your post it took me back to the old days of land line copper cables and dial up. All those weird noises before you even got a server connection then the wait for each page to load. This for me was back in 1994. Then ISDN, then double ISDN then broadband mk 1, then fibre optic cable. My online gaming got better and better as my ping fell. Oh the joy! Now anything less than a micro or nanosecond tries our patience. How easily we forget!

    • It’s funny that you should mention that.  I switched on this morning to find that there was an update for LibreOffice [the Linux equivalent to MS Office].  It was around the 100Mb mark and I just thought to myself that it would be fun downloading that through a modem.  As it was, it took a couple of seconds to download and install.  I’m on a 75Mb connection at the moment [it shoud be 100Mb but they tweaked it for some reason] but I do still remember those modem days.

  4. Thank you for replying.
    Keep it simple, stupid.
    Just text. No irrelevant pictures, graphics, video.
    Lang may yer lum reek.

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