Not welcome at the inn — 5 Comments

  1. I’ve tried posting a comment as well (‘Jan Doe’)- without using the ‘S-word’. No joy so I assume moderation is turned on even if it doesn’t say so. Judging by the photo of a lonely empty ashtray atop a beer barrel outside some pub or other I would assume the author wasn’t allowed to mention the S-word but chose that photo…

    • I have seen people before compainig that their comments were either blocked or deleted so there does seem to be some kind of moderation.  So much for open debate!

      That’s a good point about the ashtray though.  Hidden messages?

  2. Younger people probably really don’t remember those times before smoking became “denormalized”.
    And believe the propaganda – which is the same here in Germoney – that the smoking ban was a full success and had nothing to do with pubs closing. What. So. Ever. No. Thing.

    • “Younger people probably really don’t remember those times before smoking became “denormalized”.”
      Said it before and I will say it again: it sounds so much more scary in the original German – “entnormalisiert” ….like entartete Kunst …or even Endlösung der Raucherfrage

  3. In any hospitality business you make your profit from the last 10% of customers who walk through the door – the first 90% are just covering the costs. So when you tell a quarter of your customers that they are no longer welcome . . . . do the maths.

    In the UK 20 pubs a week are still closing and some of that’s my fault – I’ve not spent a penny in any pub or restaurant since July 2007 when the Smoking Ban came in, nor shall I ever until it is repealed. If they want pubs to recover, they know what they have to do. Until then, I’ll continue to eat and drink at home, where my rules apply and where my comfort matters.

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