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  1. We understand your annoyance, just imagine what it feels like for us Brits.

    Of course much of it is your fault – if Ireland had got its act together sometime in the last 96 years and invaded the North, we could have happily surrendered it, saving masses of subsidy and quite a lot of wasted lives. As it is we’ve had the Irish Problem on our doorsteps and in our pockets as we’ve struggled to stop the religionists killing each other and anyone else in range for generations. It’s not too late, a quick Blitzkrieg invasion in the next week or two should sort it – that lovely but redundant Stormont building would make a grand military occupation HQ. What are you waiting for?

    Failing that, it may need a ‘best of three’, ‘best of five’ or however many votes it takes to come up with an answer acceptable to that cabal of crooks in Brussels, along with more sheer boredom for all involved as they try to erode the spirit of the noble and patriotic Brexiteers.

    • We thought about invading them but decided against it.  They are too costly to maintain and anyway we don’t like their accents.

      Of course, you lot could invade us [again]?

  2. Couldn’t give a flying fuck.
    Its a really, really bad end of the pier show being rolled out for the deluded clowns who imbibe the media and the even more deluded idiots who are too lazy to get their names off the states electoral roll.
    As if voting for anything made the slightest difference to anything.

    As an aside, been a while since I did that, St Ptrick was Welsh, well the first one was not too sure about the second one, does that make your lot Taffy’s?

  3. “the answer was obviously a resounding NO”

    I voted Leave, but I wouldn’t claim it was a resounding NO, it was 52/48, which is a score draw in my book.

    That said, going by the precedents of Denmark, France, Netherlands and Ireland, the game plan is clearly to negotiate a shit exit deal (which is why they aren’t going for EFTA) and then generously offer us a second referendum.

  4. Brexit? 1st world problem much? Why in the sweet name of all things holy are you bothering us with trivialities?! The REAL issue facing us, the ONLY thing that matters is….
    …Google forcing us to use their new *cough* improved Gmail!

    Some of us have never forgotten nor forgiven them for ‘New Look’.

  5. A similar example of democracy occurred at the school where my wife worked, back in the last century. The headteacher and governors wanted the school to be taken out of local authority control and to become ‘grant maintained’, the majority of the parents didn’t. It took them three elections before the governors got the correct result.

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