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  1. Having, at the time, a teenage spastic son I fell in love with BB the moment Walt turned on the bullies.(epicsod 1 or 2?) and I remained devoutly wedded to it until the day Skyler just became too teeth clenching  to watch anymore. She, even to this day, remains the ‘Character In A TV Series I Would Most Like to See Murdered’. 

    • She was a bit insipid all right, but she is more than made up for by Hank.  Ironically Skyler was one of the very few who lived to see the end!

  2. BTW meant to say I have one very good reason to praise the name Breaking Bad in all eternity. It was thanks to Breaking Bad I first got an email from the Landlady. She’d asked on her blog if anyone could download the series for her and as I had nothing better to do that day I hoisted the mainbrace (at least I think that is what the drink was called) and set sail for Pirate coves. 

    “Dwarf, You are an angel – I am hopelessly hooked on the series. When it first started, you may not be aware, I had just been diagnosed with cancer myself, and as the first episode rolled I thought ‘thanks twat (a reference to the person who had sent it to me) – that is tact personified! But as it continued it became a theme tune of how to handle such a diagnosis and I came to adore it.  Utterly brilliant TV.  The whole series would be my preference – do you want to give me an address that I can send a memory stick to, or trust me to return yours?  Either way: I am neither Anna nor a Raccoon, but: xxxxxxx rue de RaccoonFrogshire You lovely, lovely man, Susanne “

  3. The way you feel about Breaking Bad is the way I feel about Orphan Black. When it was on TV I religiously watched every episode for all five seasons. At the end of each season I bought the show on DVD so now I have all five seasons to rewatch. Someday.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Brianf.  Herself can be wary of science fictioney stuff but I’ll try it on her.  If I can find it!

  4. Not to see a programme and then to remember a scene has been a common, and disorientating, experience for me. It arises from falling asleep during one programme and waking up during the next, and being left to ponder questions like how Hitler came to be appearing in a cookery programme

  5. Hi GD, if you haven’t watched it, HBO’s ‘The Night Of’ is a good one to catch. it’s an 8 part mini-series from 2016. For something longer running ‘Billions’ is also worth checking out – 3 seasons so far. And if I can tempt you with a comic-based production it would be AMC’s ‘Preacher’. A bit off the wall but it might tickle you. Check out the reviews first though ( – herself might think you’ve really flipped if you were to land it on her cold! 🙂

    BBC’s ‘Killing Eve’ also looking good – one season so far, and their current miniseries ‘Bodyguard’ also off to a good start.

    Anyways just some thoughts. Hope too many bits haven’t fallen off and herself holding up ok – just read your old/pain post and having returned from the docs earlier myself i’ve realised i’m joining the ‘classic’ stage – the wheels still turn but you don’t want to press too hard on the pedal in case the engine explodes! Eeks!

    • A few nice suggestions there.  I can’t guarantee that Herself will go for them but no harm in trying?

      We’re watching “Bodyguard” all right, along with “Keeping Faith”.  Or rather I have them programmed to record.

      Just keep those wheels well oiled and you’ll be grand.

      • I am rather taken with Bodyguard so far, despite the distinct lack of smoking. I had assumed it was going to be the generic cynical-bodyguard-with-personal-demons-falls-in-love-with-asset…this time *spoiler alert* he’s already fucked her by episode 2 and chances are he may fuck her properly… with a Glock 9mm by epic-sod 3.

        • That episode was a bit of a stomach churner.  For God’s sake she’s old enough to be his mother.  What’s more, I wouldn’t chuck his missus out of bed for eating biscuits.

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