President Who? — 12 Comments

  1. What is this world coming to ?Can’t waste a blogger of your intelligence , command of language skills and decency on politics ! 

    • intelligence , command of language skills and decency on politics”  What more could you ask for?  And I can play the guitar…..

  2. For those of us outside the blessed isle you might have given us a quick insight into the actual powers and duties of your President. I assume , never having heard of half pint hobbit , that it is largely ceremonial and the real power lies with the T-shirtshock or however yous say it?Personally t’were I Irish -and I thank God that I’m not- I’d vote for Gerry Adams…just for the ‘cat meet pigeons’ schadenfreude.  But being Ireland, the only real question any of the candidates need to be able to answer is ‘can they make a decent cup of tea?’ And by ‘tea’ I mean proper black tea , none of that herbal nonsense but stuff strong enough to take the breath away from visiting dignitaries….people are soooo much easy to negotiate with if they are spaced on enough tannin to cure even Trump’s thick hide.

    • He’s much the same as your queen bloke.  Lives in a big house and is trundled out for state occasions and foreign trips.  All laws have to approved by him,  That’s about it.

  3. Gemma O’Doherty is a conspiracy theorist who suggests that “the State” shot Veronica Guerin and apparently threatens to sue anyone who doubts her word on things!

  4. “I have a good mind to add my name to the list.”

    Do it! I’d give up my US citizenship and move to Ireland just to vote for you. I’d probably move back afterward since The Wife would be right pissed that she was stuck shoveling all the snow (or mowing the lawns during our week of summer).

    • I would either have to get the backing of some political party [some chance!] or would have to traipse around several county councils to get nominated.  Frankly I couldn’t be arsed.  And anyway I would have to move house and I’m happy here.

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