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  1. Oh noooooo!  If I get one of those it means that all my contacts will know I’ve been looking at videos of funny cats and dogs!!!  I’d best start buying some Bitcoins really fast …..

    • And Thunderbird.  Apparently I have 800 addresses in my Address Book, all collected over the years.  About half are probably defunct by now but I couldn’t be bothered weeding through them.

  2. I got one of those a couple of weeks ago. The hacking bassid wanted $3500 from me in bitcoin. Amazing what these invisible webcams and strange dark websites can do to an otherwise sane individual (FFS I go to mass on Sundays!). I did the usual British thing of ignoring it. then I check with the cops. Apparently they got the password and e mail info from LinkedIn or an other website that got hacked. Annoying and a phishing trip but not the end of the world.

  3. Oh, you got that one, too. Mine said that I could have it sent to five contacts as proof. Ha! I ignored it weeks ago and nothing has happened, because, er, there was nothing to happen. Idiots.

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