Worries — 4 Comments

  1. Concrete.Next problem (while I’m on a roll ….no need to thank me, just doing my job solving the problems of the world from my armchair )?

    • It might wear down Penny’s nails all right but I’d miss the smell when I do finally get around to cutting it.  It has stopped raining at last, but I think the grass [what’s left of it] might be a bit wet for cutting.  I reckon I had better leave it for another couple of months…..

  2. Hi Grandad. Just a quick heads-up, on my email notification it shows the full post(s) which means that I can read all of it without the need to visit your site, it used to be a snippet. Might want to alter that when you get chance. 🙂

    • Thanks Tony.  Fixed.

      The problem with building from scratch is that everything has to be reset.  If I just copied the files and database over then it wouldn’t be a clean copy as I would be carrying over a load of garbage as well.  Mind you, there are those who would say the site is nothing but garbage, but there you go.

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