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  1. “Penny has just snapped at a passing fly [and missed].This is possibly the highlight of my day.”I raise you the excitement of my having to kill a wasp that somehow managed to get into our kitchen this morning  despite the flat being hermetically sealed all summer and then the white knuckle ride of a panicky text from someone who URGENTLY needed a passage from Caspar Weinreich’s, anno 14something or the other, “Danzig Chronicle” translating out of the the C15 ‘German’ (ie before Luther invented the German I happen to speak).

  2. I know how you feel, I guess – after having been ranting about the global nanny statism especially regarding vaping, I now constantly have the feeling of “been there, done that, said it all before – why keep repeating it?”But on the other hand I feel that this is exactly what “they” want – that we’re all getting tired and give up resistance … not good.

    • My one consolation is that I get a lot of traffic from search engines from people obviously questioning various aspects of “research”.  I like to think I give ’em at least a little food for thought.

      • Go on thinking that, because I at least know one case where this is true – me! 😉

  3. If you have nothing to do feel free to drive on over here and take a look at my laptop.  Mint 17 and Firefox 61.0.1 aren’t playing well together right now.  I’ve been banging my head trying to figure out what’s what.

    • “Not playing well together” is not a technical term I have come across before.

      Try downloading Waterfox.  Decompress it into your Home folder and run it.  If it works well, copy your .mozilla/firefox/prifiles.ini plus your profiles folder into .waterfox  I have been using that for quite a while now.

  4. As a major blogger (you’re welcome), it’s a major problem. How to say essentially the same thing over and over again? Some bloggers like longrider can be relied upon to say *exactly* the same thing, generally “oh, f off”, which is part of his always delightful schtick. Julia Wossname is a bit similar, and almost exclusively focussed on dangerous dogs.  Hosts of others. It is a wonder to me by what magic these people manage to spin something usually interesting and humorous out of a glance at a newspaper. Unrelenting repetition, I think.As for fiddling with computers, and refusing to beaten by them, and confusing this with something interesting, this is a shameful form of self-abuse.  The backs of your hands will grow hair, you see if they don’t. 

    • I was thinking of just doing a “Highlight of my Day” series.  The only problem is that that too would become somewhat repetitive.

      Fiddling with computers is akin to wanking?  Interesting theory.  Are you the person who keeps threatening to mail all my family friends and coworkers a video of me bashing the bishop unless I send you €1,000 [in bitcoin]?

  5. Try obtaining a Bug-a-salt shotgun. This is a very low-powered air shotgun that fires salt, and which is designed for the hunting of insects. Wasps are a bit on the big side for it, which merely makes the hunting of them a worthy challenge for the backyard hunter.

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