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    • Bugger!  Just discovered the editor screwed up the post and stuck it out as one paragraph.  Sorry about that.

      Thanks Mark.  Not a bad idea.  Unless of course I forget and add them.  But there again, maybe the sum of the first three integers?

  1. Perhaps your ‘Queen’ has two birthdays, like our own dear Queen of this Spectic Isle? A ‘real one’ and an Official one? Paddington had two too and The Bestes Frau In The Entire Universe and myself have two Wedding Anniversaries (despite only ever having married once).  You really should free your mind from such pretty bourgeoisie constraints about only have one single ‘special day’ a year.   

    • I have no problem with two separate birthdays provided they aren’t only two days apart.  Herself can celebrate her second one on the 25th December.  It’ll save on presents and is reasonably rememberable…..

  2. Or maybe they asked you some years ago and you were confused so told them the 4th. (It’s likely what I would have done, I don’t do dates either)

    • One of the callers was her older sister who presumably met her before I did.  Maybe Herself is the one who’s confused?  I must try to find her birth certificate [if she has one].  That will probably provide a third date.

  3. In some countries it’s usual to congratulate not only the person with the birthday, but also all family members – so: Congratulations to you to Herself’s birthday! And of course a Happy Birthday to Herself!

    • Some countries are eminently civilised. Thank you, Claudia.  I shall pass on the message next time I’m in the attic.

  4. Having had some experience of registration in rural Irish communities, perhaps the confusion lay with the registrar’s office?

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