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    • I got the impression that HP have some special deal with Micro$oft.  I had one of their machines before [in the dark days before I discovered Linux] and had no problems with it so I assumed that it would be fine.  Having deflated Windows into a dark corner of the hard disk and having fixed the wireless it is working extremely well.  Herself is over the moon with it, which I suppose is the whole point.

      • Even so, if your cooler or something packs in, you expect it to be replaced under warranty, regardless of what software you have.

  1. HP computers are shit on a shingle. I remember trying to get rid of the bloatware on HP’s and not being able to because they were part of the Windoze OS and the OS would not work if you deleted the bloatware. I once had a laptop by HP that gave me an error message when I tried to remove Norton anti-virus that Windoze wouldn’t work if I removed it. I researched this and found out that one could not install McAfee on HP computers because of licensing. Because of all the problems I have had with HP’s in the past I would never buy one.

    • What struck me [as I mentioned] was the sheer volume of crap on the front menu which was useless unless I paid extra.  It works on the assumption that all we want to do is watch Netflix, play stupid games or sort out selfies.

      One thing that amused me was that nearly all the laptops now come with no CD drives.  I was tempted to ask about a machine with a floppy drive just to see if he knew what it was……

  2. What was the problem with the WIFI ? We need details inorder to be able to poke fun at you properly!

    • Poke fun all you like.  Water of a duck’s thingy.  Linux just refused to acknowledge that wifi existed on the board.  I might as well have asked it to search for a herd of elephants.

  3. You could have burned all the Microsoft stuff onto a disk and tied a ribbon around it and given it to Herself telling her it was software worth hundreds of Euro.(I would check with the trading standards officer about the legality of the suggestion that hardware must use particular software – it sounds the sort of spin that Curry’s-PC World used to talk).

    • I’m sure Herself would have loved that as a present.

      As far as I [andI’m sure the law] am concerned, the warranty applies to the hardware.  How could anyone apply a warranty to anything Microsoft produces?  If anything did go wrong with the machine I wouldn’t hesitate to bring it back and would happily go to the Ombudsman if necessary.

      P.S. It was PC World!

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