A Bit of a Do — 6 Comments

  1. If it’s expensive, it can always be her little birthday present for me next year?

    I have to say to say that your thinking is still right on the money. And a Happy Birthday to herself from me.

    And I’ll probably have to edit this comment as your “TinyMCE” buttons are no longer present (probably a Gutenberg thing?) so I added a bit of markup. At least I added a bit of markup that I hope I remembered correctly.

    • Hey, the markup even worked! Of course now the buttons show up after I posted the first comment.

      • I am having major problems with that Gutenberg yoke.  That’s one of the things I was trying to sort yesterday without any success.

  2. Grandad,
    That reminded me of a brief conversation I had with a fellow browser in a big tech store a goodly while ago which ended with the fellow saying;
    “My wife’s been in hospital for a few days and is being discharged later today, all hale and hearty, and I thought I’d give her a surprise for her home coming so, as a special treat, I’m buying her something I want.”

  3. “have you ever tried wrapping a cat?  Not easy”
    It’s dead easy. I used to wrap my cat in newspaper from time to time. It was no harder than wrapping fish and chips. It was a game we played. And once wrapped in newspaper his reaction times were several orders of magnitude faster than when unwrapped. If touched, he could spin inside the newspaper and get a claw to my finger before I could pull it away, however fast I tried to be. And when he got bored with the game, he’d tear a hole in the newspaper with a single motion of a paw.

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