Pavlov’s dog — 5 Comments

    • Herself goes mad when I call him that.

      Yup.  They must be short on stature or else he’s on a box.  Or maybe they dug two holes for the women to stand in?

  1. I had a somewhat similar  “to occur to her that her actions were so absurd”  experience the other day….(posted on Dickpuddlecote’s, apologies if anyone had already read it and was hoping for fresh meat):

     Had to go to England yesterday, to The Greatest City On Earth (London). Sitting outside a Starfucks opposite Victoria coach station, breathing in so many fine diesel particles that even I as a 60 a day man developed a cough. NB. There was an ashtray on each table outside, which surprised me as I thought Starbucks went all ‘nazi’ years ago. [and PROPER ashtrays at that, not silly little foil things or miniature upturned flower pots].Some ‘maestro’ and his coterie of adoring, perpetually wet knickered,breathless, young female acolytes appeared ,commandeering chairs from neighbouring tables without asking and with much clucking concerning whether the maestro’s sensitive hearing might be ‘pained’ by the noise of the traffic….would not he prefer to sit inside ? Maestro declined as the ‘music’ inside was more grating to his finely tuned senses than the roar of Scania coach engines.So I lit a smoke. “SOMEONE’S SMOKING” and with that horrified comment (said in a tone of voice that implied I was stubbing out cigarettes on a ‘strad’..infront of children) the whole phantasmagoria dematerialised to the safety and clean air of the inside , leaving me and The Bestes Frau In The World to enjoy her ‘coffee’ (or ‘Flat white’ as it has apparently now been renamed in England) and me my latte topped with deliciously carcinogenic fine diesel particles.

  2. “…It worries me that so many people can be so conditioned…”

    Sole purpose of the myriad of pettifogging regulations introduced by the PTB: it’s their desire to reduce us to the level of unthinkingly obedient drones. In much the same way seemingly pointless rules are imposed on new military recruits so they obey orders without question.

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