The Reverend and the Heathen — 12 Comments

  1. I commented a few times on Farted, he seemed an good read and often posted something of interest but he got ‘culled’ in The Great Purge Of ‘Stuff I waste too much time on’.  *is battling with his laptop and currently transferring Mint 19 Xfce to a stix, because it seems the Windows probs I’ve been having weren’t actually windows’ fault…for once, Cinnamon 18 Mate as a live stix  brought up ‘ software mode without video acceleration’ . Right its on da stix so reboot and see if it will run or if I shall have to go for a pre Mint16 version …

    • He’s always to be found on my Other Links Latest.  In fact, both of him now.

  2. Update : 19 64 bit xfce live (posting from it now) runs at least but there’s still an issue. *wondering if his vid card is on the way out*

  3. I remember that interview you speak of. Gad, that seems like a long time ago. When you and HR became “famous” so to speak. Now that I’m thinking on it, I recall the very first post I read on HR. The one called: “How to Survive Your First Guinness” (your mark up icons above are not working I’m afraid otherwise I’d make that a link). That was even longer ago (2007). I’ll give “A Somerset Lad” a spin then shall I? 

    • That Guinness post is still the most popular of all time and draws a significant level of traffic. As of now – 66,210 views.  Who says Guinness isn’t popular?

    • That is one of the worst quality videos on YouTube.  Painful to watch. 

      They gave me a DVD of the programme at the time – I must see if I can find it.  Or maybe I just don’t want to…..

      • I only watched it after posting the link. I’m not sure who uploaded it. Big Red Engine did send me a DVD, but I fear it went to the land of lost socks.

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