In from the Dark Side — 6 Comments

  1. the movie is a disaster, with people having entire cinemas to themselves to watch it…guess they don’t call it ‘Solo’ for nothing 🙂

    • So I have heard.  I saw the very first Star Wars back when God was a child but never watched any of the avalanche that followed.  SS need have no fear that I would impose that film on the Grandkids anyway.

  2. My girlfriend works in a toy shop  and gets a lot of middle aged star wars guys buying toys.They complain about the fact that she does not now the names of the characters and the names of the spaces ships!!too right you should not indoctrinate your kids with this stuff 🙂 Could you imagine being one of their kids. Saddos 🙂

  3. Oh, what a delicious thought.  A basement full of hyperventilating, roseate middle-aged weebles hell-bent on fisticuffs.  That would be worth a tenner of anyone’s brass. 🙂 Very sorry I missed the treadmills though, that must’ve been a magnificent spectacle…

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