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  1. Ironically, I have been playing with Kali (stop tittering at the back) this week. Now Kali is far more destructive and dark in nature, but it is interesting what you discover when you ask Kali to use some of her charms on the ether …. or wires for that matter 🙂 Linux is so much more fun than that Microshit stuff

    • So you like testing your penetration abilities?  Kinky stuff.  Must have a look!

  2. Kali? We used to use a Live CD distro called “STD” or another one called ‘Phlak’, although I always preferred Blag-Blag-Blag cos of the ethos ,like. Anyways after I have been to England tomorrow, to the German Embassy in The Greatest City In The World, I shall finally try a dual boot on this laptop…I keep saying I will but…time and inclination,y’know? Grandad, if you get a panicky email ‘sent from my Blackberry’ on Tuesday….. I’ll go for whatever is the stable Mint atm…the one with out the hideous KDE desktop . Mate seemed nice and well behaved.

    • Mate is good.  I prefer Cinnamon.  Horses for courses.

      The stable version at the moment is 18.3 while the target date for 19 is the end of the month.  So far, 19 is running perfectly on my system…..

      • Returning from England this afternoon the first job was to ‘downgrade’ my blackberry to an OS version that didn’t cause the battery to discharge at an alarming rate…simple job ,right?

        Think I have just about gotten it done now….thank god all the tamzepam i took to survive the coach trip is still in my nicotine/caffeine stream…otherwise I’d need a new phone and a plasterer. Today Cackberry, tomorrow Dual boot Mint.

  3. Dear Grandad

    “I wonder what will happen once they decide to upgrade from Zara?”

    Start from ‘A’ with names ending in ‘B’.



  4. Yup, I wiped out Mint 18.3 on my new-old slightly modified laptop (a 5 year old Thinkpad T430) and installed Mint 19/cinnamon beta. Went like a charm. Like yourself, no problems but can’t get used to the new Mint Y theme plus the overall windows text seems a bit light from the old Mint X theme. I solved that by mixing MInt Y and Mint X theme elements so I got the new icons and buttons but “blacker” text. 

    Not quite ready to install it on my desktop yet. I’ll wait until the final for that.

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