Flying the sanctimonious flag — 13 Comments

  1. One wonders if the esteemed scholar will also be eradicating other sources of nicotine under the virtue-signalling auspices of ‘health.’ 

    You know, the patches and gum the “HSE smoking cessation programmes” will be doling out, the tea, aubergines, tomatoes and potatoes found in the kitchens… 

    Of if it’s just ‘looks like smoking, if you tilt your head to the right and squint a bit’ will he be handing out punishments for sucking on the ends of pens and pencils?

    • I presume also that a nicotine patch is less dangerous than breathing fresh air?  If an electrofag with no nicotine is banned where a patch with nicotine isn’t?

  2. Oh well the students and staff will get some exercise walking out to the first bit of non-uni-bailiwick road…as they do everywhere else such Verbots are in place. I hope the Rector enjoys the sight of the ‘Legion Of The Damned’, those crowds of students and staff smoking outside the main gate when he sweeps in his big car in the morning.  

    • Even better, some enterprising lecturers just hold their classes henceforth in the neighbouring fields?

  3. Not to worry, the full range of crack cocaine, heroin, amphetamine and other illegal recreational substances will continue to be available, and consumed, throughout the campus, as much by the staff as by the kids.We can all sleep more easily knowing that the little snowflake darlings will not be exposed to the immeasurable hazard of secondary smoke.

    • As for the kids vaping nicotine free bubble gum flavour – they’re rightly fucked healthwise.

  4. Let me think. They’ve got 2600 parking spaces,  some free for students. So maybe they’ll find a sudden increase in ratty old vans, with blacked out windows at the back and clutches of students popping in for 5 to 10 minutes. Vapors will of course commandeer the sit down loos,  until they remove the doors. One thing’s for sure, after his patronising grandstand it’ll be like a red rag to a bull.

    • I see they have their own clampers too.  I suppose it’s all preparation for the real world?

    • I think the road-racing cyclists have beaten you to that ruse.   For such athletically fit people, it’s quite amazing how many of them apparently need those innocuous ‘asthma inhalers’ so frequently . . . . . .

  5. If only we had this problem in american universities. We have this plus students who spend all day hiding in safe places, crying for their mommies, and physically attacking the sane students. Ah to be in Ireland again.

  6. “How did the human race sink so low?”
    Isn’t there a saying about things getting worse before they get better …?

  7. Yeah the no nicotine thing.On wintery days in future are students absently having a pen near their mouth while exhaling visible vapour gonna be thrown off campus or censured for appearing to vape/smoke ?In fact some students of a more liberal nature could deliberately stage such happenings to troll the idiotic leadership of their institution which apparently isn’t freeing minds to be open to new ideas just attempting to factory produce compliant zombies.

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