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  1. Rachael Ray!!!  Jaysus but if she isn’t a cunt. She a great cook. I’ve learned a lot from her TV show. But when her dog food brand cut ties with Laura Ingram and the NRA I had enough. I left a polite but firm comment on her web site stating that I would o longer buy any of her products nor watch her show until she smartens up. Now this. It’s just more fuel for the fire. 

    • I get the distinct impression that American shows are more concerned with ratings than facts.  There again, our lot aren’t much better when it comes to balanced broadcasting.

  2. We are witnessing the destruction of science. The very concept of saying something testable is unknown to these shrieking psychopaths.  It will not fit in their venomous heads.

  3. I am puzzled. My father was a smoker,he lit up everywhere he could and so did all his friends. I travelled on the top deck of the bus to and from school and all the smokers travelled up there too. Everywhere I worked was full of smokers as were all the pubs I frequented. I have been subjected to secondhand smoke all my life so should have died a long time ago.Yet here I am at 80 years old, still fit and healthy and good for some time yet.Why am I not dead? Something does not add up, could it be the experts are wrong? Tell me it isn’t true.

    • Around 500 years ago 99% of ‘experts’ claimed that the world was flat, it turned out they were wrong.  Same goes for the man-made climate change ‘industry’ where the herd-mentality, lubricated by generous grants, is the easiest course to follow.

      Perhaps, in the absence of clear proof, all such ‘experts’ should instead have the title ‘spokesperson’, which would seem a shade more appropriate and honest.

  4. If the claimant developed mature onset Asthma, the biggest (And most likely) cause is Dust Mites.  ‘Secondhand smoke’ comes way down the list, coming in among a motley band of other airborne irritants like cleaning fluid fumes or even some kinds of air freshener.

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