Dogs don’t shit in Blackburn — 13 Comments

  1. Why people volunteer personal details to these twonks is a mystery, or perhaps its the years of training to kowtow to authority no matter what form it takes.

    • John Blackman, 27 Hillview Heights, Newtown, A98 FU60.   Or words to that effect…….  That’s me.  [Contents may differ from the illustration on the package]

  2. the story of a lad who dropped a cigarette butt – and four misguided, conditioned and programmed officers trying to do their job, as best as they were able…

  3. I recall John Lennon’s lyric proclaiming that there were “Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire” – that would seem to be a good landfill site for all the litter thus collected, in fact they should reward, not fine, the litter-droppers for providing the infill material.

  4. I had an Irish doctor for a short while. He was a bozo. While talking about Dublin he let it slip that he owned a house in Blackburn. I dropped my jaw and exclaimed,”You live in D4?”.  To which he stumbled and stammered knowing that I knew what D4 meant. Thank you Ross Ocarrol Kelly

  5. If there is only one litter warden, is his evidence considered weightier than the evidence of the person who is being accused?

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