When your ship comes in — 8 Comments

    • I’m still pissed at Ryanair for O’Leary’s recent addition to Project Fear- and I’m a  fan of both ‘Remain’ and Ryanair.  I shall remain narked at them too until the next time I need them to fly me to or from Germany (or perhaps Ireland, as the Bestes Frau In The World has been hinting) for less than the so-called ‘coffees’ in the Dep.Lounge cost.

      • I have never had any dealings with Ryanair.  I leave all that flying lark for the birds.  Unless it’s a light aircraft of course…

  1. This is obviously a case where your ship has not only not sailed but hasn’t even arrived yet.

  2. Is there a saying “the luck of the Irish” somewhere?

    So much for German efficiency.

    With no irony whatsoever this pages header contains this line

    Also known as: N/A

    and this one is excellent.

    The furniture will be fitted by FSG before delivery the Irish Ferries in June July 2018.

    • I like the way they show that correction, instead of just replacing the word.  So it’s all the furniture supplier’s fault?

  3. I’m very well aquainted with Poitiers, a beautiful town with wonderful architechture. I literally owe my life to the hospital there. If it wasn’t for their expertise I would be dead. They declared me clinically dead on two occaisions but somehow with their superb modern intensive care units and the fact that it is a University Hospital held in the same regard as Bordeaux, I pulled through.                                                                                       I am even better aquainted with the Dordogne and should you ever get back over, look me up, I know some very good brasseries and restaurants, well off the beaten track.

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