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  1. I say let them get on with it. The quicker everything is in a plain pack and dispensed from behind closed doors the better. There is no such thing as too much information for the informed (informed by the state of authoritee naturally) consumer to make the correct decision (as decided by the informing state of authoritee, naturally) then these plain packs deliver minimum distraction from the on message message vital to ones heath n safety.

    The more absurd it gets the funnier it becomes. Imagine a supermarket of plain packs with massive information panels on them full of zombies trying to decide what is best for them, assuming they are able to find what they are told they should be looking for. Actually pretty much like yer average supermarket shopper today, in my experience, without the colour.

    • What I would like to see is a study on the effects on longevity from overworrying about all these studies.  The stress and strain from worrying constantly about harm reduction must have a negative effect on the heart?

      • The moron who put their name to that article should by rights be out of a job if this crap is true.

        Alcohol is recognised as a Group 1 carcinogen by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer, ie a definite cause of cancer,

        But he isn’t.

        Working as a liver doctor in a large hospital in Dublin, all too frequently I care for patients who have fatal illnesses and cancers as a direct result of consuming alcohol.

        Prof Frank Murray, is a consultant in hepatology & gastroenterology, and chair, Alcohol Health Alliance Ireland.

        Much like charities which never go out of business (not a fucking one of them has ever ‘solved’ the problem they claim be trying to solve during my time on earth).

        As an aside I wonder why he didn’t name the ‘large hospital in Dublin.



        • If Murray and his ilk did the job they are paid [a five figure salary] to do instead of farting around with these useless studies, then maybe the health service here wouldn’t be in such an appalling mess?

          As an aside I wonder why he didn’t name the ‘large hospital in Dublin.  Beaumont hospital.  Google is your friend [sometimes].

          • I fancy he didn’t name it because a copywriter wrote the article and all the five figure prof did was scan and sign. Not that convinced he bothered scanning to be honest.

  2. How about a study on how much money is pissed in the wind for not the slightest piece of relevant information? I guess that would have the very negative outcome of a few million heart attacks at once.

    I’d also be intrested in a study that tells us how many people develop tinnitus because of all the screaming of the health racketeers.

    • There is a very simple solution to all these “studies”.  Just ban any research that depends on a “computer model”.  Simple.

  3. We layed out what our God given rights are in our constitution but even that hasn’t stopped the church of we know better from chipping away at them.

  4. And yet, on any given day, you’ll read see an article that states that drinking a glass of wine or beer can lengthen your life span, make you less susceptible to heart attack, lessen the chance of Alzheimer disease, keep your kidneys healthier, etc and so on. Often times you’ll find the article listed along with another that states that wine/beer is bad for your health (I’ve actually seen this while perusing the headlines on Google News). of course, the “experts” are quoted in both articles.

    Go figure.

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