Solving an age old problem — 4 Comments

  1. Guess what’s coming next. Register, regulate, tax, licence, fine, ban. The one thing governments everywhere are any good at oh and save killing people at home and abroad.

    • They’d have a problem with that one.  Hitting the disabled would be a PR disaster.

      • Oh I don’t know they didn’t make any concessions for disabled smokers when ‘the ban came in’. Anyway first step is to create the problem that requires the regulation registration scam to kick off. They did just that wiv drones by making them appear to be so dangerous and flown by complete idiots through the simple expediency of….wait for it….scare stories in the media about near collisions between drones and passenger jets/helicopters.

        Rinse wash repeat.

  2. I once worked for a home medical supply and repair company which included electric scooters of every type and style. I serviced and maintained said equipment including those blasted scooters. We had one old codger who had a scooter much like the one referenced in the post. He used to get drunk and drive around his property until the batteries went flat. He also kept forgetting to keep the thing plugged in when not in use.

    He kept thinking there was something wrong with it so he’d take it apart and poke at it with a multimeter until he gave up whereupon he would bring it and the pieces into the shop and insist I fix it. This happened on a regular basis until I finally called his wife and told her the problem with her husband’s scooter was her husband himself then gave her some basic instructions on how to keep this from happening–I hoped.

    It worked thankfully and I didn’t see him until months later when the batteries finally needed changing out. He was sober as well.

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