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  1. She was hugely pissed off because of her belief that YouTube was deliberately down ranking her videos. And in her opinion, not paying her enough.

    She was a vegan, and she despised the use of animals in things like circuses. She also posted huge numbers of videos showing how to cook vegan meals. The fact her target audience had far greater and arguably better choices did not gel with her.

    In her opinion she was a gigantic mega star in Iran because she was a body builder. A vegan body builder. And in her late 30’s,  was sexy and posted astonishingly risqué videos, sort of like the one you kindly posted.

    Now it could be said that she was very typical of many people,  male and female, who simply cannot accept that as their looks begin to fade, they become rather less interesting. Especially if they happen to be bigoted airheads otherwise.

    No, she ONLY had her videos. And that’s what her vanity measured her on. So… don’t accept you’re pet fixation has had its day, blame it on other people.

    Even then she fucked up, killing people she saw in reception. The very last people in any decision making process.

    Bit like killing a guy who changes bulbs in street lights because you think noise and fumes in your area is too high.

    • It’s terrible reflection on a large section of society that it measures its success on the number of “followers”, “likes” or whatever.  People nowadays are tending to think they only live in Cyberspace, and outside that space there is no existence.  It is a measure of massive insecurity and doesn’t bode well for the future.

      On a personal note – for months now my Twitter “following” has varied up and down by no more than about three, but it always settles down at 666.  Is there something significant about this number?  Is it time for me to go on a rampage?

  2. But she has succeeded, she has became more famous for this act than for all of her previous videos. I have no doubt that many people in the future will emulate her actions so they too can become famous. Today we have a society of two year olds that throw temper tantrums when ever people stop paying attention to them. They are completely self centered psychopaths that have no empathy for others.

    The story will disappear quickly as the shooter was female and of middle eastern descent and is living is California which is a liberal paradise with strict gun control so none of this fits the script the media and thier leftist leaders are pushing.

  3. Fake news. Made up bullshit or plantshit depending on where one ‘stands’ on the eating issue. Photo fakery. Made up persona.×581.jpg

    Exact, exact same ‘look’ on her face in every photo, always something ’round her neck’ and check her ‘arms’ in that picture, weird.

    Vegans appear to come in two general types in my experience those who practice and don’t preach and those who preach. Exactly the same M.O as all who get religious about anything.

  4. Our wonderful BBC has worse.

    Maybe if she tossed in a few more Trump disparaging snide jokes she would get taken on. Maybe a deeper tan.

    But then again maybe she already is, and we do not understand.





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