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  1. On the other hand, it will boost internal and external tourism . All those catholic brits won’t just hop back on the plane after the Event but will want to fill their boots with Glo-in-da-dark neon plastic Mary Mother Of God-blessed by the Pope hisself, ornaments, “I saw the Pope and all I got was this dispensation” tangas and that is before they get down to buying the serious tourist shit of miniature shillelaghs, I <3 Eire ts, and those “Kiss Me Quick For Oim a Leprechaun, Begorrah !” hats with the buckle on that you all wear.  Guest houses up and down the Island will be practising the ancient art of making toast with the face of Christ on it.

    • There is a determination to turn Ireland into one gigantic theme park.  God be with the days when this country actually produced anything!

      • Your country produces those lovable travelling folk, who are protected by our establishment and whose presence enriches our lives so much.

  2. Hell doesn’t exist he is alleged to have said.

    Ergo there can be no heaven because the only way to know heaven is through knowing hell.

    Odd sort these men in frocks.

    • Hard to deny the existence of Hell when all one needs to do is turn on the TV. Does Radio Vatican not do hourly News reports?


  3. In the UK, we have a bunch of dickheads called The Arts Council who uses a shedload of tax payers money to fund the sort of events which no one but an idiot would pay to see. It appears that you may have the same branch of dickheads.

    • Don’t worry – we have our arts council too.  I could list all the grants they have pissed away but I don’t have a spare year to write ’em all down.

  4. I’ve had (and seen) at least 2 pontiffs drive past my front door during my life, and The Queen a few times – (you can tell its her – her limo doesn’t carry plates).

    Should I ask for a rebate on my Council Tax, after all – they are both minted enough to pay me something for use of the road outside my flat?

  5. All I can say is that I totally agree with you. It’s a waste of taxpayers money.

  6. Five loaves and a couple of herring will cover the catering.

    Also I see from your link picture, that he is carrying his tickling stick in memory of Doddy who is up there amusing the angels.

    I wonder what a Pope turd is worth? There will be a few armed guards on that porta-loo.

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