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      • Do you collect those? 

        I’ve got a youtube clip for almost every occasion. I assume that’s what you’re referring to collecting, or was it boxes?

        • You collect mutant soft porn??! You sick f*ck! Bad enough she flaunted her hideous deformity but a ginger Daywalker wearing an orange bikini playing with her box is beyond tasteless.

  1. I have made a point having cordless ‘home phones’ since 2003 – a legacy of my adulterous liaison with a French …sorry Cherie I meant of course Parisian girl.  She was a gadget geek living in London and to me, from Northest  Norfuk, her cordless phones seemed a marvel of practicality….truly I was living in age of miracles and wonders. That said we’ve had our current set of home phones for a couple of years now and I still haven’t discovered the ‘last number redial’ function …..I really must google…

    • If one is ever involved in adulterous liaisons, it becomes more important that one’s spouse never discovers the ‘last number redial’ function.

      • I did discover that the last number facility can be quite dangerous – apparently it stores the last ten numbers!  I haven’t come across that one before.

  2. A bit of telephone trivia for you: AGB personally thought one might answer the phone with a naval “Ahoy”,thankfully that idea never took off….except in Germany. German dare devils who like to live on the edge answer the phone not, as the law dictates, with their surname (or if they happen to answer the phone at someone else’s house they would say ‘@ *whatever the surnames of the householder is*) but with a cheery ‘AHOI!’….casting all convention to the wind.

    Answering the phone with my habitual simple ‘Ja?’ was guaranteed to offend my German Mother-in-Law 🙂

    • The advantage of caller display is that I’m able to shout “Howya John!” or whatever.  Withheld numbers are treated with the gravest suspicion and usually answered with a grunt [cold callers love withholding their numbers.  The rest get a “‘Lo”.

      • I simply ignore withheld numbers; if they don’t leave a message then sod ’em. Other numbers which I don’t recognise are entered into Google and around 80%+ come up as reported scammers. Anyone of value has my mobile number and is in my address book.

        • I’m very wary of doing that. An emergency or accident situation is exactly when a family member or friend, or even a stranger/hospital/police, might try and make contact on an unknown number and need your immediate attention.

          • A message would invariably be left in such circumstances, giving me the opportunity to either pick up the handset and take the call, or call back – depending on the situation.

  3. Another bit of telephone trivia for you:
    Don’t forget that the batteries you had to insert ONLY POWER THE HANDSET! Unless the base unit also has provision for a back-up set of batteries, you won’t be using your “much lighter and slimmer handset” to call the ‘leccy company when the power goes off.

    A wise person ALWAYS has a POT phone handy (even if it’s gathering dust in a cupboard)…

    • Yup.  Base station is plugged into the mains.  However, my phone line is via fibre which comes from a box outside my gate [which has its own power supply].  Ergo, if power goes then more than likely the line would be dead anyway.  There is always my mobile!

  4. All my (antique) phones, you know – with dials that kids lke to try and press the numbers in work off my 2nd-hand Panasonic 616 PBX (Private Branch Exchange – home switchbox), its all fine and dandy and fun till the electricity has a down, then all the landlines off it are NF. I have to keep a spare BT linesmans test set near the entry socket in case of a power outtage.

    Then the test runs off the landline 70V current.

    BTW the correct way to answer ones phone in the good old days was your exchange and number – eg “Donaldson 22″…

    That really makes telemarketers piss boil!

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