Is it or isn’t it? — 10 Comments

  1. I deliberately have my Facebook birthday set to 1st of April, just so I can respond to Happy Birthday wishes with “Poisson d’avril!”

    Some people have caught on, others just keep falling for it year after year.

    Although technically speaking, I’ve only ever had one birthday, which, coincidentally, was the day I was born. From then on they’ve just been birthday anniversaries.

  2. Agreed. I’m far from retirement, but even when I have some days off work, Sunday is never quite as nice as the other days and Mondays are always a bit depressing.

    • I have never particularly liked Sundays.  From schooldays onwards it just meant that Monday was looming like a stormcloud.  For some reason that feeling persists to the point where Sunday is my least favourite day.  Monday has possibly become my favourite since retirement, as I think of all those poor sods grinding their way through traffic to get to their tedious jobs.  I sometimes even listen to the traffic reports just to hear the chaos.  Yes, I’m a bastard!

  3. RTÉ had a story about a man in a white dress telling the world what to do. It was a very good effort at an April Fool trick, but I saw through it.

    • That was the one with Lord Whatshisname from Downton?  I didn’t watch it sadly though it may be recorded somewhere.  I shall remember the transmission date if I do come across it.

      • It was an old man with a white hat and glasses standing on his balcony in Italy waving at people. It was very well done, but no-one would really take it seriously.

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