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  1. All of it encouraged by those nice altruistic philanthropists in the legal profession.


    Dick the Butcher (Henry VI pt 2) had it right with “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers”.

  2. People like Miss Knox need to be publicly hung by the neck for being a scumbag in public.

    • Nah!  They should just be made pay for any failed court case, in full.  That would stop the rot.

  3. The problem, as with most of the Health & Safety nonsense these days, all tracks back to the introduction of no-win-no-fee lawyers.  Individuals like Ms Knox are actively encouraged to invent/create/manufacture claims on the grounds that she’s got nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain – in most cases, the lawyers’ costs far exceed the claimants’ pay-outs, hence their own enthusiasm for these easy pickings.

    Change the law, go back to when the claimant had to ‘gamble’ and the vast majority of this nonsense would evaporate, saving us all from bearing the costs indirectly.

    But Parliament is full of lawyers, many still on the payroll of their chambers, so there’s bugger-all chance of that happening anytime soon, in fact Jeremy Corbyn is more likely to convert to Judaism before that happens.

    • I could not agree more.  People tend to blame Health & Safety for being overcautious about everything, but it’s really down to liability.  Everyone is shit scared that they’ll be sued for any excuse whatsoever.  When you get to the stage where a drunk customer can sue a bar for falling over, or as in this case, for PTSD because they witnessed something, then it has gone beyond farce.

      I agree completely about the “no win no fee” lark.  It’s an open door for grubby compensation seekers.

  4. Seems she’s exactly as you describe,  a dumb opportunist bitch.

    Her partner, who actually saved the infant and had to watch as the family resigned themselves to a death by drowning, wants nothing to do with what she and others claim.

    Locally she’s shunned and reviled,  while social media are having sport. Something she doesn’t like.

    However she told her story to The Mail this morning.

    Seems the law firm are suing the council for the not for purpose surface of the slipway, not the estate of the deceased.

    And the boyfriend still thinks they’re all arse holes, as do I.

    • What the fuck are bystanders doing suing the council?  They weren’t affected unless they slipped and broke something.  Even then any idiot knows that algae on a slipway are slippery.  I’m with the council on this one.  Short of filling the sea with weedkiller, there is fuck all they can do about algae.  They are a part of the sea like limpets, shells, seaweed or anything else that grows in coastal waters.

      I suppose the next thing is that people will sue the council if the see a big frightening wave near the coast?

      • Wholly agree, we’ve got stacks of slipways in Scotland, some with seaweed growing on them, however we don’t seem to have many idiots who try manoeuvres on them, only to launch or pull out inflatables.

        Their claim seems to be for distress caused by the twat while using a slipway for a purpose it wasn’t designed for.

        It’s opportunism plain and simple, however the law firm is the instigator in this.

        I believe they’ll lose simply because the council’s duty is only to the high water mark.

        I once used my scooter to go to the Holy Isle in Northumberland, the causeway is under water except at low tide. Stacks of warnings there as well as “good” times to cross. Despite that there are inevitably fuckwits who chance it and if they do there’s no recourse whatsoever.

        Council, once it gets it slung out on its ear should go after the law firm and sue the living daylights out of the partners, then just for sport go after the petitioners!

  5. *insert extra special, weapons grade, Blocked Dwarf vitriol once he has stopped feeling sick to his stomach*

    As we used to say on the BBS boards “someone badly needs raping with a 10ft curare tipped, rusty fence post”.

  6. Nothing to do with lawyers etc, there will always be bottom feeders, this is purely down to the total lack of empathy being encouraged in society today. The vast majority just do not give a flying fuck today. Makes my heart bleed for the folk of tomorrow,god help em.

    • It’s down to an attitude of entitlement and greed.  People see a chance for some easy money no matter how feeble the excuse.

  7. Grandad,
    The bottom of that barrel that’s being scraped must be getting pretty thin now and heavens knows what horrors await us once it’s broken through.

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