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  1. Happy st Paddy’s day from me as well. Just in case you wanted to know…or not, I’m a blend of mostly English with a sprinkle of French (on my father’s side), and German Jew with a dash of English (on my mother’s side). English, German Jew and French. And I look like an English dockside worker or grave digger, take your pick. Complete with the ears.

    Definitely not Irish then.

      • I wouldn’t insult the Irish by doing so. Then again, I never was one to follow the crowd. Anything but.

  2. Well do so excuse the hell out of me.

    It’s a wonderful event. It allows:

    TAOISEACH LEO VARADKAR has handed a bowl of shamrock to US president Donald Trump keeping up the strong annual tradition between the two countries.

    and he done went and did that on Thursday! And he got Mrs. T to smile. Even seems genuine, in a patronising way, but a smile’s a smile

    Lets the man remind the President of the USA that there are one heck of a lot of Irish in his country. Sort of a weak and watery version of the Israeli PM who regularly reminds the President of the number and financial clout of the Jews in America. But both are sort of trying in their own ways to remind him that they vote. (But Trump knows the diaspora don’t give a flying fart what the boss of the old country says).

    Does that mean you do not read The Journal? Okay that was rhetorical. Enough of the piss take.

    • So our Queen Taoiseach hands over a bowl of weed to the Mercan Prez for a photo opportunity.  I am told that the instant the last photo has been taken the shamrock is whisked off to be incinerated!  Do they consider it a noxious weed?  They’re probably right.

  3. Well, you chaps did well in the rugger yesterday. I was in the pub with friends yesterday afternoon and we couldn’t escape it. There were a few Irish shirt wearers and even my brother had a pint of Guinness. I couldn’t understand why he drinks a pint of 4% ABV stout when there was bottled G at 6% ABV available. I just brewed half a ton of stout last week at 8.4% ABV for a beer festival and for the more discerning local pubs round here to sell. A man’s drink and no mistake. It tasted grand even straight from the fermenter. It will be champion in three weeks.

    • Please submit a minimum of one crate of your stout for professional adjudication.

      Last night was not a night for a quiet pint in a pub here.  Between Paddy’s Day and the rugby thing I would imagine there were record sales!

    • 8.4% ABV 

      What the F***! That isn’t just stout, that’s S&M Potent Porter ….and I ain’t talking Janet Street.

  4. “Lá fhéile Pádraig” – where is there any use of the word “saint”? The objector should be told to use the first national language if they wish to complain!

    • Then they would complain that using Gaeilge is not inclusive as it excludes all those who don’t speak it.  You can’t win with this lot.

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