The Shape of Water — 4 Comments

  1. Sorry to hear or your trouble, I know what it’s like. What I don’t know is, “hot press” or “airing cupboard”. Never heard of either one of them. What I can find after an in-depth 2 minutes of research is an “airing cupboard” is someplace to put your almost-dry clothes after a washing in order to completely dry out and…a “Hot Press” is some kind of a fortnightly music and politics magazine based in Dublin, Ireland.

    But I get the idea.

  2. In Norn Iron, the hot press was occupied by something that was referred to by many people as the “emerging heater,” (they also had houses with doors and “windies”). I spent years  expecting to see a boiler behaving like something from a science fiction film

    • I think I like that explanation better than some old magazine about politics even if it does include a bit of music.

    • It is indeed where my emerging heater resides.  I only got that fixed a week ago after it was faulty for around ten years.

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