International Sexist Day — 15 Comments

  1. Re women pilots. There is nothing wrong with that. After all said they don’t have to reverse them.

  2. “Is there anyone who isn’t aware that last Thursday was International Women’s Day?”

    I wasn’t aware. Completely oblivious until you mentioned it.


  3. I’ve no doubt mentioned it before but it seems apposite: My childhood best friend ‘transitioned’ -had her balls  removed and her cock peeled like a banana *wince*. Before ‘transitioning’ *double plus wince* she was one of the best drivers I have ever met (only person I know who did genuinely drive better on hash); after the OP she found she could no longer reverse park and that that is a common ‘tranny’ ‘thing’.

  4. I was watching Germaine Greer chatting about I.W.D. on some sad show. I burst out laughing when she said, I paraphrase here, ‘ How come we have pie week that’s seven days but only one for women? ‘ Her point was what a load of bollocks she thought it was. For myself as an admitted avid pie fan, it seemed about right to me……………


  5. Since I have Google’s search page as my home page in my browser, I could not have been unaware as it was shoving an “International Womens Day” Google doodle in my face for 3 days straight. I began to wonder if Google actually knew it was for only one day.

    I wonder if it will be “yapped about” as loud when International Mens Day rolls around? (November 19th this year)

    • Oh great, what trick will they line up for us on that day. Hospital wards staffed only by male nurses? Call centres the same. YUCK.

    • But I’m not an “International Man”; I haven’t had a passport for over 40 years.

      This is blatant discrimination against us “Domestic Men”.

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