International Sexist Day — 15 Comments

  1. “Is there anyone who isn’t aware that last Thursday was International Women’s Day?”

    I wasn’t aware. Completely oblivious until you mentioned it.


  2. I’ve no doubt mentioned it before but it seems apposite: My childhood best friend ‘transitioned’ -had her balls  removed and her cock peeled like a banana *wince*. Before ‘transitioning’ *double plus wince* she was one of the best drivers I have ever met (only person I know who did genuinely drive better on hash); after the OP she found she could no longer reverse park and that that is a common ‘tranny’ ‘thing’.

  3. I was watching Germaine Greer chatting about I.W.D. on some sad show. I burst out laughing when she said, I paraphrase here, ‘ How come we have pie week that’s seven days but only one for women? ‘ Her point was what a load of bollocks she thought it was. For myself as an admitted avid pie fan, it seemed about right to me……………


  4. Since I have Google’s search page as my home page in my browser, I could not have been unaware as it was shoving an “International Womens Day” Google doodle in my face for 3 days straight. I began to wonder if Google actually knew it was for only one day.

    I wonder if it will be “yapped about” as loud when International Mens Day rolls around? (November 19th this year)

    • Oh great, what trick will they line up for us on that day. Hospital wards staffed only by male nurses? Call centres the same. YUCK.

    • But I’m not an “International Man”; I haven’t had a passport for over 40 years.

      This is blatant discrimination against us “Domestic Men”.

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