I am racist — 7 Comments

  1. Uhm why do I get the impression that if KS was white he’d have been arrested by now? If he had been white then his video would not have been described by the presenter as ‘thought provoking’ but would never have even gotten air time on the grounds it was offensive.  Watching the white SJW  head of the Anti-Racism Network having to try and negate everything KS said without actually proclaiming a black man to be wrong was a laugh.

    Not being Irish or ever having visited the place (I live in Norfolk and have seen enough rain to last me a lifetime without going looking for more, thanking you kindly good sir) I would hazard a guess that most of the ‘problems’ you and KS identify are the result of people not being able to understand that nothing happens in a vacuum, there is always a reaction. Something always fills the gap. I write ‘Brexit’ as ‘BrexSShite’ because-as our own dear PMT.May made clear the other day- what fills the hole left by removing the EU will be something akin to Germany in the 30s.

    • The problem here is not that there’s a vacuum – quite the opposite, as we have too many people looking for too few houses.  Once we have full housing and full employment, then by all means let ’em come but let’s just sort out the existing mess first.

      And it’s not raining here at the moment.  In fact the ground is actually dry.

  2. The most common sense about the subject I have ever heard and I imagine that’s exactly how most people feel.

    Unfortunately, the insult “racist” has now been so over-used and hurled about at so many inappropriate and inaccurate targets (and, as BD points out, often studiously avoided when it is appropriate, for all sorts of skirting-around PC reasons) that, quite frankly, most of the people I know simply no longer care if it is applied to them.  I know I don’t.  Not any more.  It’s simply lost all its power as an insult.

    • The only answer is to just ignore the PC brigade.  They are becoming much too vocal to the detriment of personkind.

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