Longer than a lifetime — 11 Comments

    • Very Freudian.  😀

      It’s up there with “do you take this woman for your awful wedded wife?”

  1. Congratulations , you are lucky, it would have been my 42nd. Anniversary this year too and I so wish my husband was still here. Have a lovely day. xx

  2. “Crookhaven must be about the furthest one can get from Dublin before ending up in the Atlantic.”

    You should try driving to Allihies, Very West Cork some time. Apparently if you look closely enough down there on a clear day, you can just about make out the torch from Lady Liberty, poking up over the horizon.

    • I know Allihies very well.  I still have a core sample from one of the mines there.  Incredibly beautiful spot but very remote.  But it’s not as far from Dublin as Crookhaven!  😉

  3. Herself deserves a pat on the back for choosing a steadfast life partner and likewise for you.

  4. Congratulations.  We were also married on a cold and snowy February, but 49 years ago.  Don’t time fly?

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