Coffee is a sin — 13 Comments

  1. Same thing with bottled water. Years ago we had the odd sip at a public drinking fountain. I remember the ones with a chained cast iron drinking cup. No record of any nasty infections getting passed on. Now a clear up after a gathering which young adults have attended results in dozens of hardly used water bottles.

    Regarding plastic, the plan is to divert attention from the busted flush of Global Warming / Climate Change / Chaos / etc.

    You see the plastic is made from evil hydrocarbons – the cause of AGW, except now people are catching on.

    MSM hope that you will be so incensed about plastic that you will forget that last year that same MSM was heralding the end of polar bears, beaches and the world which is the reason you now have increased power bills.

    • This is just one of the many “causes” doing the rounds at the moment.  Climate change, nicotine, sugar, fat, plastics, feminism, harassment, obesity, racism and now coffee cups.  We must all have our own little unique “cause” about which SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.  And it’s always best done by taxes, shaming and laws or preferably by all three.

  2. I would ban all catering and drinks plastics – no taxes, no levies, just a ban. The stuff fills every hedgerow for miles around and didn’t appear until the 80s.

    What’s wrong with cafes using proper cups and saucers and telling people that if they want to take the stuff away with them, they can bring a flask? The coffee-thing is just a marketing fad.

    • Ah here now Ian!  The libertarian in me says that banning things is not the right way.  Much as the sight of coffee jockeys annoys me and much as I agree that they cause a mess, the litter in the hedgerows is the fault of the litterer and not the cups themselves.  There are already litter laws in place.

      Anyway – you know me – always a large [china] mug of coffee!

      • I always thought John Stuart Mill’s belief that one’s liberty only extended as far as the point where it impinged upon the liberty of others was a useful guideline. Plastic has become a fad to reduce costs for companies who could all survive equally well without it; their exercise of liberty is impinging upon that of those who have to put up with their rubbish everywhere. Dumping is the fault of the litterer, but unless human nature is going to change, then taking away a major source of the litter is a step forward.

  3. All the plastic we scrap today will be coal in a millions years, so “waste” is relative.

    But seriously, it’s the plastic-coated card cups that are hard to recycle, whereas the waxed paper cups of yesteryear were not a problem.

  4. Talking about recycling, I was in the MickeyD’s in Madrid airport watching the clients sorting their rubbish into organic, plastic and paper. It took ’em on average about 45 seconds. One of the staff came along with a few trays and just tipped them all into one bin. Our eyes met, he shrugged. I followed his example.

  5. Simple get it in a plastic bag only costs 5p over here.But why  the need for water or coffee to hand all the time.Grew up in 40s/50s more active than people nowadays.Health Czars,you must be hydrated,by the way we have closed most public toilets.

  6. “…just another little makey uppy number to make it sound like there is a serious problem…”


    It is well known that 87.4% of statistics are made up on the spot.

  7. The 2 million number may come from all those “Irish” from Boston and New York who have come over to discover their “heritage”.

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