Being bad on Good Friday — 11 Comments

  1. Bongs at 6 on TV ?

    Now I have just got to see the 6pm Irish news (I assume it is the news at 6pm) where the newsreaders are out of their faces bringing the news, while inhaling from massive bongs

    • Heh! That was my first thought, too. Bongs at six? Sounds a bit like ‘pistols at dawn’. Competitive toking….

      • The six o’clock news is actually billed as the “RTÉ News: Six One and Weather” as they have to allow a minute for a piece of video of people doing various nothings.  The video is backed with the dreary sound of the bells striking the “Angelus”.

        Take your pick

  2. Ah Grandad, are you forgetting that the sweetest pint of all is the one you’re not allowed to have? Think holy hour for fuck’s sake!

  3. “So now they have this vision of four and a half million people all smashed out of their gourds and puking in the gutters every Good Friday.”

    And this differs from the usual stereotypical view of Ireland (ie drunk, wearing leprechaun suits and spouting off about Ancient Irish history between pukes & ‘Begorrahs’) on any given day just how?:P


    • Now you’re thinking of Paddy’s Day.  And the only people who wear leprechaun hats are tourists and the seriously dimwitted.

      • I fully intend to visit Ireland (probably around your area) specifically on Paddy’s Day and not wear a leprechaun hat. Hell, I won’t even wear anything green which shouldn’t be too difficult since I never wear green anyway. I bet the tourists will even think I’m native. Just let me know where the bogs are so I can send the tourists there when they ask me for directions.

  4. They’re against abortion because every pregnancy will obviously end in termination.

    Yeah but some places the abortion rates are between 25-50%…at which point suddenly figures are no longer collated….

  5. Many years ago, I was helping research an archive TV guide, on the RTE listing it always had “The Angelus” on at 6pm, I thought it was a micro-soap opera! Just looked at a clip on Youtube and its exactly as you described…


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