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  1. A wee touch of the Magrittes.

    I enjoy it and sometimes laugh out loud.

    Which gets me funny looks.

    Mair power to yer elbow, big man.

  2. I too enjoy it, and my other half quite often gets a “hey up, listen to this” when I read your “scribbles”, so ignore the advertising, you dont need it, in fact if you had it, you would`nt have me, or others like me, so you want a reader who “paused for thought” or one who “paused and bought”.

  3. “The Irish influencer community is coming under pressure from social media users to become more transparent.”
    I wonder what it says about my current state of mind (ie SAD) that I read that as “Irish Influenza Community”.
    Ps.Granddad when you get chance (assuming you don’t take your laptop into the toilet with you) could you please, pretty please, white list my IP again? Bloody craptcha is annoying.

  4. Scribbler works for me, you brighten my day even though I don’t always reply. As for whether you have a passion for wax crayons and bedroom walls, who cares if you do or don’t you reached an age you can do what ever the fuck you want to (though I suspect you’ve always done what ever the fuck  you want to).

  5.  [they seem to be around 95% female,

    Wanting to keep you out of trouble with the Law, may I suggest the following edit: “They seem to identify with the Female-CIS-but-in-a-totally-non-anti LGBTWTF-way gender” ?

  6. Infuencer: Just another non-word term to excite the masses and basically support lazy journalism. Let’s just call them all “influencers”, they say, and be done with it. All I know is that when I pass gas it influences anyone in the same room I am. It influences them to leave the room.

    • That goes back a very long time to the days before the pink fluffy brigade took over.  Those were the good days of Irish blogging.  In the annual awards there used to be such categories as Personal and Humour.  Those categories don’t even exist any more.

      The book contents have always been FREE.  Just read this site!

  7. As I recall, Blog is a contraction of web-log, an internet diary sort of thingy.  I had no idea it had been hijacked by “influencers” (which sound to me like something/someone with a nasty virus).

    • That makes sense. I’ve sometimes wondered where the word ‘blog’ came from, and that sounds to me to be eminently feasible.

  8. Well, no matter if you call it blogging, scribbling or cauliflower – I look forward to it each and every day.

  9. Having started my blog when the so-called influencers were still running around with snotty noses, I refuse to concede the word to social media sites!

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