Health services breaking the law — 10 Comments

  1. “One case in 2016 resulted in Tesco Ireland having to donate €1,000 to a court poor-box to avoid a three-day ban on selling tobacco products after a 17-year-old test purchaser managed to buy a pack of cigarettes.”
    (Ab)Using 17-year-olds is indeed more than questionable.
    How are these youths recruited?

    “The 12 week programme is a free and offers free nicotine replacement therapy,”
    Who pays for the NRT?

  2. “HSE Tobacco Control Inspection Programme”.

    I expect it is part of the alibi to bring in Smoking Licences. Something MUST be done to stop all these evil shop keepers flouting the law and selling a deadly POISON to wee Kiddy-winkies..

  3. With any luck , one of those 17 3/4 year olds will at age 18 start to smoke and then sue the HSE for getting him interested in cigarettes in the first place.

    • Now that would be poetic justice on a grand scale!  The only problem is that damages would again come out of taxes.  There again it wouldn’t make that much difference as the HSE is regularly [seems to be on a weekly basis] paying out millions in damages to the parents of all the kids they’ve killed or seriously damaged.

  4. Using persons under the ‘legal’ age to purchase tobacco is making those persons into agents provocateurs. This is illegal. They are the ones urging that a crime be committed. Such evidence is not permitted in any Court.

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