You’ll never walk alone — 13 Comments

  1. Seriously? A Minister for Loneliness? Wow. The mind boggles.

    Another great opportunity for leeches who like to build charities which sooner or later burn the tax money for their own salaries and comfort …


    • I found it hard to believe myself.  What next?  A Ministry for Happiness?  A Ministry for Single People?


  2. I’m waiting for the cafe at the end of our road to change hands again…it does every year we’ve lived here so far; no matter what wheezes the new owner dreams up. Strange how up to ,oh just after the Smoking Verbot, it could support (and had supported for decades) a husband and wife team. He made the tea and she the cakes. No wifi, no late night burger bar, no Sunday opening, no early morning opening, no flashing lights and specials on baked potatoes with YOUR CHOICE OF FILLING FREE! It used to have a few formica tables, some chairs and Her collection of god awful twee teepots. Now it has chrome everywhere and soda bar seating….and is always empty…to the point it has become a joke among the other traders on out street. You never see anyone go in so he can’t be Sweeney Todding it even (hell, this is Norfolk).

    And the largest local OAP home is just opposite….and it’s on the main drag and the Childrens Crusade route (the school run).


  3. Grandad,
    Just further proof our ‘leaders’ are all as dim as a Toc-H lamp with thinking as joined-up as a tin of spaghetti.
    The time is coming, although we may be gone, when it’ll become illegal not to be smiling at all times in public in our island utopia. CCTV will be programed to pick out the non smilers, with the emphasis on loan non-smilers, to be taken away for ‘rededication’. Works in NK.
    Or they could sack all ministers and appoint just the one to undo all the craziness that’s been foisted upon us over the years.

  4. Why only one minister?

    Shirley there should be at least two.

    He/she/it/whatever will just become distressed on his/her/etc. own.

  5. I think all British residents should complain, preferably to the Minister for People Who Live In Odd Numbered Houses.

    Or maybe the Minister for Insanity?

    • I call DISCRIMINATION! What about those of us who live at a number+letter combo address (15A, 3456 z etc)?

      Why should Odd Numbers get their own ministry and not us?!?

  6. Are we sure the intention is to combat loneliness?  Perhaps there’s a darker intent: “disappear” one half of aged couples to leave a lonely old person.  (The missing one goes into the Soylent Green factory.)

    It’s all for the greater good – more housing will become available and a protein-rich substance will be served in care homes – you know it makes sense.

  7. Quite so, but I doubt whether anyone in government appreciates the irony of setting up a ministry to combat what they have to a large extent created themselves.

  8. I was left with a momentary feeling of loneliness, when all of my pub reviews were deleted from the PubsGalore site without even an email, to suggest that perhaps some of its Trustee Controllers found aspects of them to be against the grain of the site consensus as to its Anointed Purpose. Hey ho.

    I agree that the title for the post is silly, but at least the English will understand what it means. Many Mainland countries have a Minister For Solidarity.

    That would possibly have the average English Joe scurrying for his dictionary eh?

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