Chain reaction — 11 Comments

  1. Whoda thunk that a too short screw could lead to nagging for a new carpet?

    Any married man, that’s who!


  2. That will only be the start of it.

    The new carpet won’t match the decor, so you’ll have to redecorate, and then the new decor won’t match the furniture, and so it goes

    • Nah!  I’ll wait for the swimming pool to dry out than I’ll just steam clean it.  I’ll tell her it’s a new carpet and wasn’t I lucky to find an exact match of the pattern.

  3. Plastic pipe feeding a (hopefully) metal radiator? Really?

    I like your idea about the carpet though.

    • The blokes who did the installations did a brilliant job [laying pipes throughout the house including through a two foot solid granite wall without disturbing any of the floorboards] apart from their insistence on using plastic piping.  Bloody pipes have kinked and leaked since – including one being eaten by a rat causing a major leak – so gradually they are being replaced with copper as problems are fixed.

      • I actually went to see them on stage as a kid.  A rare visit to the theatre.

        “Mud.  Mud.  Glorious mud……”!

  4. “he hasn’t seen the hole in the wall yet, nor the latest damage to the floor”

    Herself has had a sex change? what interesting times we live in…. 😀

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