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  1. My personal research suggests that researchers need a hell of a lot of research to justify their existence (read: grants, preferably paid by taxpayers’ money).

  2. I think that you need more funding.

    Posh name for  dosh, spondulicks, mazuma.

    But only more research  will suggest this.

    But the conclusions must confirm the evil effects of Brexit, smoking, Trump, sugar, Israel, Islamophobia, Global Warming/  climate change/chaos, white male equality, Christianity, etc. etc. otherwise no follow grant – see funding above.


  3. I’m sure we could find something suitable for all these researchers to do. We could even keep them in the public sector. I understand there’s a shortage of Public Lavatory Attendants at the moment – a perfect opportunity for them to actually do something worthwhile.

  4. The rise coincides with computers and the ability to grab data first then use statistical analysis to find (frequently meaningless) correlations. Because it’s only statistical is why most modern research ‘suggests’ and doesn’t prove.

    • It’s great fun, that yoke.  I can’t remember where or even when I found it.  It shows almost perfect correlation between “research suggests” and “cunt”.  Coincidence?

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